Tuesday Tips: 10 Cheap Dates

Whenever someone's birthday or a gift giving event comes around, I always like to keep a creative vibe in mind. I usually do DIY or other homemade or sentimental gifts, and often like to explore the experience I once had as a child. Last Valentine's Day I "took Shawn to Australia" by transforming our apartment into a small Australian themed dinner with matching decorations. So of course that will be on my list!

10. Blanket Fort Movie Night
If this doesn't scream creative and cute, I don't know what does. Grab a few blankets, hair-ties (or string), pillows, and a movie you both love. Perhaps the first movie you two watched together?

9. Indoor Camping
Similar to building a blanket fort, but at home you could snuggle up to a fire place (or get crafty and paint a fake one and cuddle up to the heater instead). I also strongly suggest making indoor s'mores in your oven. Just build it, and let them cook in the oven for 5 minutes. You could also create scavenger hunts for each other in your "outdoor" excursions.

8. If Your a Server, Eat Dinner Where You Work.
Now, this isn't for everyone. I know people can be very private about their personal lives, but if you can get that 50% employee discount just by eating at the same restaurant that employs you, then go for it! I'm not exactly a P.D.A kinda girl when I'm in public anyway, so eating at my work place with my boyfriend certainly wouldn't bother me. But like I said, perhaps not for everyone.
7. Have a (Naughty) Board Game Night
Perhaps you and your partner LOVE board games while drinking wine? Let's be friends! Here is how you can put a romantic spin on it; Play a series of (short) board games and whomever wins the entire gaming tournament gets to do this or that (if you know what I mean.) This is also a great idea if you both are a gamer couple with an xbox, ect.

6. Play A Taste Testing Game
Both of you can get some cute giggles out of this silly game. You both prepare some snacks for each other and blind fold the other while they taste a guess what it is. This is some serious trust if you can do this, you never know if your partner will prank you! This game is great with peanut butter, nutella, and things like ranch dressing, ect.

5. Live Music at a Coffee Shop and Dinner
I live in the city of Buffalo and live music at coffee shops is not an uncommon thing and it offers a decent amount of entertainment. Why not spice things up and go and get some sandwiches for a cheap dinner while you watch?

4. Celebrate Valentine's Day AFTER Feb. 14th
Everything goes on sale, there are discounts, and you will probably find a bunch of deals you couldn't afford right before the holiday. Besides, those reservations you forgot to make months in advance? Well, at least you can go somewhere after Valentine's Day and more than likely get a table. You didn't want to have to be in an absolutely crowded, stuffy restaurant on such an intimate holiday, anyway.

3. Try Ice Skating
Ice Skating is so awesome this time of year! I don't really know how to ice skates, but it's fun anyway! And admission into the rink plus rental skates (if you don't own them) are very affordable. Make sure to bundle up! Better safe than sorry in the cold.

2. Start A T.V (Netflix) Series Together
Because, in the winter, sometimes we just want to cuddle inside where it's warm. Plus, new things, like t.v series, sparks conversation in between breaks and much afterwards. Personally, I sit at the dining room table with Shawn and watch new episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

1. Home made gift exchange with love letters.
If you and your partner are both artsy and crafty people, make each other's gifts in front of each other. It will be fun to see the progress of a home made item of a loved one.
Now, I love receiving love letters. Some girls deny that they like it, and that's okay, but I think if you really want to try and reach a deeper connection with the person you love, that it is a great idea to express to them exactly how you feel. And because it's a note, they will be able to keep your words close to them and re-read it in times where comfort is needed.