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DIY: Bleached Henna Jeans

First and foremost, you need to begin with making Bleach Paste, or you can purchase a Clorox Bleach Pen, however, it doesn't do the job quite as well in my opinion. Here is a minute and a half video on how to do it! This process honestly only takes 10 minutes with 3 regular household items. Here's the video I made, enjoy!

Steps: I. Make Bleach Paste, or grab a Clorox Bleach Pen (Bleach paste gives better results).II.After you have your mixture, put it in a container that you can easily control when making your designs!III.Grab your jeans, or garment, and place a Styrofoam board or cut out cardboard in between the layers of shirt, so that what you bleach on one side, doesn't turn up on the other.IV. (Optional) If you so wish, you can draw a pattern on with some chalk or white tailoring pencil, and begin tracing or creating!V. Let sit for about 4/5 hours and rinse thoroughly. You should be able to rub the bleach off under water.VI. Run on the rinse cycle once, and dry. 

Enjoy you…

Ciaté Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

RULES: I. To enter, you must comment on this post and include your email, it can be about anything! Please keep it clean or you will be disqualified from this Giveaway! II. Unfortunately, this giveaway is only for those living within Canada or the U.S.III. You can come back to this blog daily for more chances to earn entries in the drawing!IV. The contest will last 3 weeks, beginning (Makeup) Monday, February 23, at midnight and closing March 15th at 11:59 P.M Eastern Standard Time.V. There will be only 1 winner. May the odds be ever in your favor!
Ciaté Ice Cream Collection What it is:
A set of nail lacquers in exclusive new spring shades with nail art transfers. 

What it does:
Inspired by spring pastel shades, Ciaté London’s Ice Cream Collection is packed with gorgeous pastel Paint Pots. Featuring five creamy nail colors and simple 3D nail decals, this set is perfect for creating an ice-cream-inspired mani. 

This set contains:
- 5 x 0.17 oz Nail lacquers in Make…

Tuesday Tips: 10 Cheap Dates

Whenever someone's birthday or a gift giving event comes around, I always like to keep a creative vibe in mind. I usually do DIY or other homemade or sentimental gifts, and often like to explore the experience I once had as a child. Last Valentine's Day I "took Shawn to Australia" by transforming our apartment into a small Australian themed dinner with matching decorations. So of course that will be on my list!
10. Blanket Fort Movie Night If this doesn't scream creative and cute, I don't know what does. Grab a few blankets, hair-ties (or string), pillows, and a movie you both love. Perhaps the first movie you two watched together?
9. Indoor Camping Similar to building a blanket fort, but at home you could snuggle up to a fire place (or get crafty and paint a fake one and cuddle up to the heater instead). I also strongly suggest making indoor s'mores in your oven. Just build it, and let them cook in the oven for 5 minutes. You could also create scavenger hunt…

Collar Flower

Sweater - Macy's Floral Blouse - J.Crew Levi Jeans Gold Toe Socks Gypsy Earrings, thanks Erin!
NEW HAIR!  I've really really been wanting a perm for my long hair to add some volume ad poof to it, but I'm a broke college kid and can't afford fancy things on my dead hair so I chopped it off instead! Actually, I cut the front, and Shawn cut the back.I trust him fully and that was his first time cutting hair,hehe! I'm kind of free spirited so it wouldn't have mattered if he botched it. I was also into getting a pixie cut for a bit. I'm going to try and make a real effort with this blog this year and I think I'm off to a decent start. I'm also taking 19 credits at my university and working part time. It's not a great time to be "modeling" when it's 3 degree (F) out. But I'll try!  So do you like my new cut? Please comment, I love hearing from you! Also, Follow my Pintrest board if you're an addicted pinner like me!

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Taylor Swift Inspired Nails

I'm excited about many things in this post and I'm so happy to share with you! I finally caught up with the modern world and now own an iphone! But wait- it's not just any's the IPHONE 6 (Crowd cheers)!! 
I also bought Tyalor Swift's New Album, "1989" and I'm IN LOVE with it! I can't stop listening! I finally caught the swift bug! And Shawn just bought this neat speaker, so I decided to brag a bit of the gifts I'm blessed with and the situation I'm in that allows me to live a free and committed lifestyle.

12 of the Hottest Devices to Own