Frost Bite


Arturo Chiang boots - ideeli 
Coat - American Eagle 
Scarf - Macy's
Tank top - Macy's
Purple cardigan - Macy's
Jeans - Macy's

Happy winter and New Year! I know this a pretty simple outfit but I felt like it went well together and I needed an excuse to get off my butt and finally use my camera! I need some motivation because I'm seriously going through a personality crisis and who I used to be is who I want to stay. This different me is not a very pleasant one and maybe you have been able to tell that not everything is right because I haven't posted in so long.
I'm gainging weight, but trying to lose it quickly because it's not welcome on my body! haha, I've been trying to drink water and control my snacking a night. I know my huge problem isn't over eating, but eating at the wrong times. I usually eat right before I go to bed, because I'm used to that being the only free time I have. 
I see that while I was inactive, I somehow got up to 50,000 page views! Thanks for all who believe in me! I'm back!