Makeup Monday: The Proper Makeup Order.

It's not too often that people apply makeup in the correct order, and that's probably why everyone gets different results, even if you and your best friend are using the same product. But did you actually know that there was a correct way to apply makeup? (Continued below images)

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Correction Makeup Application Order: Glamour Points

No one came out and officially said that this is how it is and that's the only way. However, the reason that there is a common known order is because makeup is applied in layer (almost?). Starting with a protecting layer - Primer. More or less, the reason this order is exists is also because it prevents smudging and/or concealing accidentally. Think about it, if you applied bronzer before your foundation, that would be pointless and a waste of makeup and money, right? Right! So I made up these pictures to more easily show you the order of applying makeup. Most of these products are product that i use and that you would find in my makeup bag! Trust me, they weren't just googled and pasted into this collage.

 Thanks for reading!