DIY: AHS, Twisty the Clown


This post is a bit gruesome, and I currently am out of a camera. But these are the best pictures I have so far. Shawn wanted to be Twisty the clown from American Horror Story for Halloween, so when I discovered this gory and creepy clown, I was immediately on board! I love Halloween and my new found love and interest of Special Effects makeup and making it myself! I'm in Rocky Horror picture show at my university and play Riff Raff, so this new obsessions began with making my own bald cap! hahah, I love liquid latex!

What you need:
+ Styrofoam Head
+ Liquid Latex
+Makeup Sponges
+Acrylic Nails
+Baby Powder
+Toilet Paper *
+Assorted Colors of Acrylic Paint **

* Use Toilet paper if you are in a hurry and want to build thicker layers, faster.
** Paint colors, Black, Brown, Red, and White is really all you'll need. 

I intentionally didn't list the toilet paper and paint, because the T.P is optional (depends on your preference of building masks) and the if you didn't want paint, the mask looks awesome as a clearish white for a skull effect (if you aren't doing this clown)

Step 1. 
WEAR COTHES YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT. Because, you'd think latex would just peel right off if you got in on your clothes. NOPE, it rubs in and there is forever rubber on your pants. Ruined 2 pairs already. grr..

Step 2. 
Draw Lines around the mouth area as such.
Step 3.
 Dab a thin layer of latex until the yellow is covered. Allow to dry, or blow dry on low and cool while always moving the blow dryer. After, apply another layer of latex and if you prefer to use toilet paper, then lay some flat on top of the wet latex. Blow dry, or allow to dry. Repear until you have about 3 layers.

Step 4.  
Place teeth as desired. For the clown, I did the more square part down because usually the bottom of everyone's teeth are square.

Step 5. 
Add more layers of toilet paper and latex. Wait until the layers dry to ad more, and mold toilet paper around the teeth to create a gum line.

Step 6.
After you've added about 9 layers, it's time to powder and peel! Using the baby powder, powder all over the surface of the latex (After it's completely dry) to avoid it sticking to itself. As you slowly, SLOWLY and carefully peel the mask off, powder the inside as you go. 

Step 7.
Paint as desired!


  1. Hi Kelsey!

    Did you file the nails down or cut them at all to look like teeth? Overall how long did the whole process take?

    1. Hi Gisselle! I actually cut them, I didn't file them at all, because I wanted to maintain a grungy look. and when I painted them brown, I painted the base, and then used a toothpick (or you could use a thin paint brush) and I lifted the paint onto the toothed from where the "gums" meet the "teeth." Overall, it took me maybe an hour. I also used a blow dryer on cool to speed up the process of drying the latex. Hope this helped! :D

  2. Hi Kelsey,

    Do you sell the AHS Twisty the Clown mask? If so, how much?

    Thanks so much!!!

    1. Unfortunately, I'm not selling it, but I would definitely try to make one yourself! The materials will last you a long time incase you mess up or decide you want to make other things. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Kelsey,
    Is the finished product pliable enough to cut a slit between the upper & lower teeth with a razor, so u would be able to talk & drink? And how did u adhere the mask? Spirit gum?

    1. Yes! I cut a slit in between where the teeth meet eachother, and actually made it a bit bigger. The reason that it works is that it is still shadowy behind the mask, so you can't really see your actual lips and teeth. I suggest drinking with a straw, if anything. And if eating is a must, then I suggest food that won't take much chewing. I normally apply latex with spirit gum, and then a few layers of latex over it to smooth it into my skin to look like a real part of me. However, the reason I said you might not want to have chewy foods, is because if you want the spirit gum to last all day, it's a smart idea to not be stretching the gum and latex out too much by talking excessively or eating tough things. Hope this helped! :D

    2. Thanks so much for all your help. I built a layer of puffiness around the black edge with stretched out cotton balls & painted that part white like his mask on the show. Don't know how to upload a picture here, but I can post a link to a picture I uploaded on my Facebook page.


    4. Well that didn't work. Crap! I guess click my name in this message & it'll take u to my Facebook...


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