Makeup Monday: Benefits of your Skin Type

The other day, I never really thought about how your skin type could benefit you now and in the future until I was talking with a co-worker about it. She told me because she has oily skin, she'll have less wrinkles when she becomes older because her skin is always moisturized by natural oils. Well, immediately this made sense to me, and I never knew why I never actually thought about it before now. So I did a little research to see whether that was scientifically true or not, and here is a bit of what I found to help you love the skin you're in!

Dry Skin:
I always prefer the good news first, so here's some for dry skin- I have dry skin, as well. (Unless it's summer, then everyone is a sweaty/hot mess.)


Automatically Cleaner:
Oily skin usually attracts a lot of dirt and other things in air particles leaving a greasy layer that forbids your face to actually breathe. Having dry skin is beneficial in the respect, because it doesn't attract dirt and therefore results in less blackheads and breakouts. With dry skin, you also always have a matte look, which can be beneficial to you, as well.

Less Blemishes:
This skin type has the least of blemishes, because it's not as hydrated as the others and doesn't give much room for build up of oils and grease. The natural moisture in the air usually is enough for dry skin to not look flaky and cracked, but smooth and nourished (although, I always recommend moisturizing daily!)

Makeup Lasts Longer:
With dry skin, you don't have to worry about makeup rubbing off or just fading due to the natural oils coming out on your face. Dry skin keeps the makeup in place and lasting longer.


Moisturizing is a must, with dry skin. Especially in the winter when there is nothing but dry air all around you.  If you don't moisturize regularly enough, dry skin and crack and flake very easily and it takes a very long time to heal and look healthy again.

Oily Skin:
Everyone always looks at the cons of oily skin, but those with it will be laughing at all the rest when they're the one's who age most beautifully


Aging Beautifully:
Thanks so all that extra Vitamin E, your shiney face will be your best weapon in fighting aging. All the extra moisture in your face keeps your skin healthy and beautiful (although shiney) and shows later in life. When you get older, you'll notice it will take longer to get wrinkles, or just less of them. 

Natural Antioxidants:
Yes, you got very lucky- believe it or not. It is important that no matter how much you want to rid yourself of the grease or the sometimes overwhelming shine, you don't! When you allow your skin to release it oils naturally, it delivers Vitamin E to your face. It also provides a protective layer on your face that protects your skin from environmental damage. But yes, this means you still have to wear sunscreen.

The oils can trap dirt in and under layers of natural oils which can cause damaging breakouts. With a nice wash twice a day, you can help keep your natural oils and still clear them of the dirt and debris acquired throughout the day.

Normal Skin:
Well aren't you the lucky one! Not too dry, not too oily. You basically get half and half of everything already listed!

You're makeup lasts pretty long, but still comes off at the end of the day. You're face is perfectly moisturized, already, and provides a healthy canvas for your face. It is important to wash your face, to rid yourself of the dirt that is acquired throughout the day, but usually only twice a day will be enough for you. 

You are still subject to easy breakout, because no matter what, your skin type is still unpredictable. Some days it will be more dry than the next, and so on. Your hormones have more to do with breakouts than your skin type, because of the perfect balance of the two extreme types.