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Makeup Monday: Benefits of your Skin Type

The other day, I never really thought about how your skin type could benefit you now and in the future until I was talking with a co-worker about it. She told me because she has oily skin, she'll have less wrinkles when she becomes older because her skin is always moisturized by natural oils. Well, immediately this made sense to me, and I never knew why I never actually thought about it before now. So I did a little research to see whether that was scientifically true or not, and here is a bit of what I found to help you love the skin you're in!

Dry Skin:
I always prefer the good news first, so here's some for dry skin- I have dry skin, as well. (Unless it's summer, then everyone is a sweaty/hot mess.)


Automatically Cleaner:
Oily skin usually attracts a lot of dirt and other things in air particles leaving a greasy layer that forbids your face to actually breathe. Having dry skin is beneficial in the respect, because it doesn't attract dirt and therefore results i…

Tuesday Tips: So You Want to be a White Walker?

I've been extremely busy lately. I'm so tired from work  (6 days a week) that when I come home, I zonk out until I work again. Well, I'm trying to be more conscious about my baby (aka, my blog) and so here is something that I did in my spare time to feed my obsession with Game of Thrones. Here ya go!