Tuesday Tips: First Place for your Face!

For a while, I struggled with the difference between foundations brushes, powder brushes, concealer brushes, ect. But I'm an expert now, and I'm here to help tell you the difference in brushes!
Stay tuned for some cute pictures on what is what.

1. Cream Foundation.
You might be applying the wrong foundations with sponges, your hands, ect. I was doing this for a while until I discovered the true uses for brushes. Some examples of Cream Foundations are Sephora Cover FX.
2. Blending Brush.
Blending brushes/smoothing sponges allow the makeup to blend into your face and each other if you're using multiple products on your face.

3. Liquid Foundation.
An example of liquid foundation is Avon's ideal shade liquid foundation.

4. Mineral Foundation.
An example of Mineral Foundation in bareMinerals original mineral foundation.
5. Concealer.
Concealer is used to hide blemishes, dark spots, and discoloration. The brushis small, because it's only supposed to be used for small areas, not the whole face. An example of concealer is Clinique Advanced concealer.

6. Powder.
Compacts of powder are good to finish off any last minute cover-ups. An example of makeup powder is Lancome Dual Finish Versatile Powder

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