Makeup Monday: Sunsets from Mary Kay

Miss Mary Kay

A few days ago, I received some samples of Mary Kay products, from the lovely Dawn Cich. I was more than excited to give them a try! I found that as strange as it seems, these colors all go very well together (I think so, anyway). Okay so I LOVE this makeup! I actually really love how the color stays all day! The lipstick is a bit dark, but I like to be bold anyway. The one truth about the lipstick, is that it doesn't last very long itself. I love the color, and I'm more than glad it fades evenly so I don't look like a clown, but the extent of it's color last probably 2 hours. I have no problem reapplying it in public, and in fact, I think it looks even better the second time! ;) Personally, I don't really look all that great when wearing red or pink tinted blush; I'm so pale that the subtle red spots that are already on my face are just accentuated more with the wrong blush color. So when I received this copper blush, I was ecstatic! I absolutely love the way a copper blush looks against my skin and makes me look like I'm actually living instead of a pale ghost or just a red spotted mess. As for the eyeshadow, I have to say I think I love it about as much as I love Urban Decay eye makeup, seriously. It lasts very long, the color is vibrant and noticable (but not obnoxious), and it blends together very nice! When I blended the "Sienna" and the "Iris" colors, it almost gave the impression of a sunset, soft and beautiful colors blending perfectly together. I know that may sound corny, but I was actually super surprised at how much I actually love Mary Kay now! 

As for Dawn, she has been wonderful in assisting me, and great at suggesting my options and all the possibilities there are with this makeup. I plan on purchasing a bit more from Mary Kay in the near future! If you would like to have Dawn as  your beauty consultant, please, please order through her website at

She is a wonderful woman who is looking to help those discover a whole new world of beauty! Thanks, Dawn!