Washington, D.C

Adventure in Washington D.C!

 This was my delicious brunch, of course with a mimosa!

I'm having a quite night while Josh and Shannon enjoy Die Zauberflote! Shannon's favorite Opera, and one of mine (I prefer the Marriage of Figaro)

Ah, the Kennedy Opera House. What breathless charm D.C holds.

I rode an awful 11 hour bus ride from Buffalo to Washington, but when I saw my sister, it was a breath of fresh air! I finally met her beau, Josh! He is very nice and funny, if you were wondering. Today was a very relaxed day, I walked around alone for a bit, got some groceries, and witnessed many graduates excitedly roam the streets with family and friends. Here are some pictures so far! I'm going to try to get some outfits pictures for you all. I haven't taken any in quite some time!

My good mood could be because of the city life (an actual city, and not ghost town Buffalo), or it could be Frank Sinatra's voice in my headphones. Probably a mix of both. Thanks for staying faithful!

I've finally reached 15,000 page views! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!