Tuesday Tips: What hair cut is right for your face shape?

I've personally been very conflicted about cutting my hair. This is the longest my hair has ever been and even though I want it to be very long, I also want it to be different. I'm growing very bored of it (which happens too frequently) I've been thinking of dying it blue, brown (again) or whatever just to change it up. However, if I dye my hair again. I'll probably fry it to death. So in my research I've looked up what hair cuts are best for certain face shapes!

Round Faces:
Asymmetrical hair cuts with many layers. Longs side swept bangs and a side part give the appearance of a slimmer face. Another good option is a piecy bob. Something with many layers and intentionally a bit uneven.

Oval Faces:
Blunt bangs, such as straight cut bangs) are good for oval faces. Often people with oval shaped faces tend to look like they have a long face. If you desire to "shorten" your appearance, bangs add a nice evening touch! If bangs just really aren't your thing, shoulder length hair with a center part looks very romantic!

Square Faces:
A thinned out short bob is very cute for a square face. It lightened the weigh of the hair and creates more volume at the roots. It softens the appearance of a defined square face. Long hair with wavy ends and a center part is a nice accent, too!

Heart Faces:
Hair that's chin length is probably the shortest you want to cut your hair unless it's a full on pixie cut. To create a more even look, it's good to have hair that fills in around your chin. A deep side part is also a nice compliment to the straightforwardness of a heart shaped face.