Tuesday Tips: Skirt Problems and their Strange Solutions

I love dressing feminine, but I HATE wearing any mini skirt or just about that length. I walk almost everywhere because I don't have a car and so I run into a lot or problems that many girls might also experience.

1. How to tell if your butt is still hidden
When I have my backpack on, I get so scared that my skirt is caught on it and I'm walking around with my butt hanging out. If you've ever worn a mini skirt or just a shorter than usual length skirt, you know that you can always feel a breeze, which is what freaks me out the most. The solution? Well, I personally just run my hand over the side of my skirt to be able to tell that it's still down and I'm safe!

2. That awful static you get with skirts or dresses
A friend in the theatre community taught me this years ago, and I've never forgot it! If you're wearing tights, nylons, stockings, ect. then put lotion on OVER those so it soaks into the tights and your legs. It gets rid of that cling! You could also lightly hairspray the outside of the skirt and that does the trick pretty well, too!

3. Bending over in a skirt
I think this is pretty much common knowledge, but when bending over to pick something up, never actually bend. Especially in something short, your panties are guaranteed to show! Yikes! So to solve the solution, bend your knees and keep your back straight. It's pretty simple and always works.

4. Elastic Waistbands
I cannot express how much I hate skirts with elastic waistbands.If you're anything like me and have love handles then you feel my pain. Skirts with elastic waistbands never have anywhere to properly sit without making the skirt ridiculously short. The only way I've figured out how to make sure my skirt doesn't ride up too much is by looking in a full length mirror and keeping a mental note of where (in correlation to other garments) where the band should sit of my hips, or handles for that matter.

5. Undies are an important factor, too!
Make sure you wear your most comfortable undies. Because throughout the day with walking, sitting, getting up again, ect, you won't be able to tug up or down your undies to make yourself more comfortable. When you adjust yourself in jeans, it just looks like you're lifting up your pants, but with skirts/dresses, it's obvious. So just do it right in the first place and wear good panties.