Tuesday Tips: How to Walk in Heels

Now we all know, as girls, that walking in heels is a little bit of a challenge. it all depends on the height of the heel, the fit of the shoe, and the environment in which we are walking. I have seen more than enough grown women who can can't walk in heels, and to be honest, if you don't master it within the first few months of wearing heels on a regular basis, you will habitually always continue to walk incorrectly in them! So here are a few little tips on how to avoid that common mishap and avoid looking awkward, as best.

First off, if you aren't comfortable walking in heels at all and are pretty much terrified to wear them in an "all day" situation, I suggest wearing them on days where you know you won't be doing much walking. Perhaps when you begin your heel phase in life, you should start by only wearing them if you're getting out of a car and only walking to an event where you will be doing a lot of sitting. Even standing in heels for a while will not only hurt your feet, but you can become unbalanced as well if you aren't used to it.

Most Comfortable Heels
These are some of my favorite heels to walk all day in! 

  1. Never lock your knees! (When standing)
    1. I am certainly guilty of this. The reason you want to avoid locked knees is because you will be less likely to catch yourself in then event that you become unbalanced, (and trust me, you will at some point of another.) This could happen if maybe someone is trying to get by you in a crowded party, or maybe if the heel is just too damn high!
  2. Never stand with your legs completely together.
    1. It's safe to say that standing shoulder width apart keeps you balanced, at best. Now, we still want to look like respectable ladies, right? So don't stand shoulder width apart, but just make sure you have a good enough stance that you won't "timber!" if you lose balance by a passer by.
  3. Put your weight on your heels.
    1. Too often I've seen women walking on their toes or perhaps just putting all the weight on the toe or arch. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Your feet will kill after 10 minutes and now you're done for the day/night. If you put all the weight on the heel, not only will your feet last longer and thank you, but you will have more balance.
  4. Walk heel to toe.
    1. I know you may have heard it in movies and always just thought it was a corny saying to teach princesses to walk or something, but it's true! Heel down first, and then toe. This is so that you can feel the ground beneath you before setting all your weight on your one foot directly. If you do this first you can avoid embarrassing mishaps when trying to look sexy.
  5. Place one foot in front of the other, essentially.
    1. This is for those who have a bit more experience with heels. It was difficult for me, because well.. My thighs love each other and it's a bit uncomfortable. However, like on the runway, it is the proper way to walk in heels. Imagine a single line drawn on the floor, now walk on it, one foot at a time. You must stay on that line when walking. Maybe it is easy, I just found it difficult.
These are the basic to get you through! After a long day, take those piggies out and celebrate your victory of mastering the heel!