I've got 99 problems, and my blog is all of them.

So first off, I want to apologize greatly for the website being down! I was super excited to do a post every single day, and get really into it because it's not only my birthday month, but Kelsey the Dig's as well! I was super upset to find out that I never made a subscription to renew my blog's domain (website name)! So at the end of the day on April 1st, it was sure an April Fools joke on me... Kelsey the Dig had ceased to exist, and if you frequently check my blog, you understand what I mean and probably saw it (or didn't for that matter.)

So, what happened?

Well first off, I bought the domain originally through Google. Now, Google doesn't sell domain names themselves but have third parties that sell them through Google. It's a bit hard to explain. But when the time came that I had to renew my domain, i had no email notifying me of the soon expiration, and had no idea where/how to renew it. 

I did more than enough research and figured out that my host is eNom.com, that I can't renew with them because I don't even have an account with eNom(or proof that I own Kelsey the Dig to make one.) I didn't have an administrative Google account, or well.. I guess I technically did but there was no way for me to access it or reset the password unless I could prove that I owned Kelseythedig.com and that included knowing certain codes for certain things.

It was awful, and I won't lie...I cried every day that my blog was down. I was so frustrated and confused and had no idea what I was doing...but I do now!

I will never let this happen again! It was pretty much the only time I couldn't figure out how to do something on the computer. But I got an email form an actual person at Google and he walked me through the steps and here we are! I'm grateful it was only down 4 days instead of 4 weeks. 

Thanks for bearing with me! The show must go on! Enjoy the rest of April's posts!