Have you ever received a "Stylish Surprise"!?


I have missed a few opportunities to get on this train, but I finally made it this time! For a super limited time only, modcloth sends you an apparel, shoe, or accessory surprise for a super cheap price! I paid $50 and received 2 shoe surprises and 3 apparel surprises! I was super super pumped to receive these in the mail, and once I did, I pounced to try everything on! I'lm sharing with you what I was sent! I love everything! Unfortunately, 2 o the 5 items are a weird fit. I received a black fringe "clubbing" dress (well, that's what i would categorize it as, anyway.) My size is XL (unfortunately) and this little black dress was the first thing I tried on. I don't know if even a person who was a large would fit into this tiny dress! It's open back, which isn't my favorite, but I don't mind wearing it with a jean jacket or anything. It was meant to be skin tight. I just don't know how I feel about skin tight clothes on someone like me. Anyway, the other thing that was a bit uncomfortable was this (awesome, beautiful, cool black, white, and gold) pair of heels that fit in the foot, it's just that I have wide feet. I OPENED UP THE BOX AND WAS SUPER EXCITED TO HAVE GOT THEM. Alas, my foot was too wide and who knows? Maybe I can stretch them out a bit? If not, maybe my sister will like them!

Here are some pictures of what else I got!


A coat, can you believe I got a COAT!? It must have cost twice as much as I paid for all 5 items! The make is fantastic and the lining is a very cozy faux fur. It's warm and lovely! It's even more than half wool! 

I applaud you, Modcloth!
Truly, I love you.