DIY: Gypsy Heels

                                                  Before                                     After

Hello, hello!
So today I am showing you a super awesome DIY to restyle some old heels. I've only worn these heels (in their original state) a few times,on top of them being hand-me-downs, but I didn't really like them,so I decided to remodel them! I wanted to explore my inner Gypsy and create some cute shoes that I would probably wear more often than the old ones. I bought the coin trim at Joanne's and it's a bit pricey per yard (around $7, I think?) but you only need 1/2 a yard! I bought this trim just to have around just incase I got inspired and decided to make something of it, and look at that! I did!

Please excuse my ugly, fat feet. I tried making them cute by painting my toe nails red, but I think that just draws more attention to my toes. Opps, ahha! I hope you enjoyed this DIY!