Chains and Thangs


Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Chain Link Dress - Ideeli
"Ellie Blue" Wristlet (Retired Colors) - Vera Bradley

So I bought this dress online and impulsively, and to be honest, I thought it wouldn't look half as good as it does on me! I am beyond happy with my purchase from Ideeli !
I am in love with this site, because I find so many great steals! I was not asked to promote, I am just a very satisfied customer! It's been rainy and windy, so as soon as I found a day where the weather let up, I just had to take pictures!

The Buffalo weather has been a very confusing thing lately! It's freezing one day, and then 50 degrees the next! I'm just glad the weather is slowly but surly warming up.


  1. Super cool pics
    Very great outfit and nice photos


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