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Tuesday Tips: Top 5 Timeless Fashion Staples

We all know that trends come and go, but there are some timeless trends that will forever be in style and in the spotlight! I'm here to point those out.

1. Pearls.
Whoever said that diamonds are a girls best friend must have never known about pearls. Diamonds might demonstrate wealth and a flashy side of a girl, but they don't have the simplicity and elegance pearls. Every girl should own a pearl necklace by 25! They add a classy air to anything!

2. You can never go wrong with a little black dress!
If you only learn one thing from Breakfast at Tiffany's, let it be this: At any and every point of your life, make sure you own a little black dress!
I always make sure to have a little black dress in my closet! It is an absolute savior when I'm going to professional events. You can never go wrong with a slim fit, high neck line, little black dress!

3. A pair of large dark sunglasses to hold your secrets.
Instant fixer uppers when you didn't get enough sleep, didn't put makeup on, or sincerely need to protect your little beautiful eyes from the sun. No one knows about your late night, and it actually looks like you're adding a bit go glamour to your outfit!


4. Embracing your "imperfections."
Every part of you is beautiful and the sooner you learn that, the better you'll feel and the more confident you'll be. I, like Marilyn Monroe, have a mole or "beauty mark" above my lip on the left side. I love it and sometimes wish it was even more noticeable to people. Love who you are, because you are unique. Those of us who stray from the "beauty ideal" are truly beautiful.

5. Denim Forever
Forever & always! Denim will always be a staple of American Fashion.

I Don't Mind If You Forget Me

Leotard - Sister's closet (Old)
Rain Boots - Ideeli

I took the pictures of this in my room because I was so desperate to post. I tried, I tried. 
It's a rainy summer, here in Western New York and it's a mild one, too. Some of these pictures are of the old Psychiatric Center and the Central Terminal in Buffalo. They are very eerie and it was perfect for this darker rainy day outfit. 

Tornado Town


Polka Dot Blouse - Tommy Hilfiger
Shorts - Old (Don't Remember)
Pearl Headband - J.Crew
Flats - Aldo
Messenger Bag - Local Leather Merchant

In all honesty, the town in which I grew up (and where these pictures were taken) has never seen a tornado...To the best of my knowledge! However, that day was terribly windy yet I insisted photographs be taken! It was all fairly warm air, and I thank Shawn for putting up with me in my silly sprees of pictures!
I think it may be time to thrift shop some, as I am running out of things that fit (thanks to winter pounds) and just different clothes in general. I still have a few more hair tutorials I'd like to make into pictorials, so stay tuned for those!
Thanks, loves!

DIY: Knot Braid


I'm not sure if this is a real braid or not, but let's pretend! I've made it up goofing around.

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South Dock

Luminox Limited Edition Navy Seals (Titanium 3600 Series) - Luminox

So I took some pictures of Shawn to switch it up a bit! We ended up matching in colors hat day and boy was it windy! Don't judge his hair, the wind almost blew us over, bahah! I couldn't resist going down to the water though, because it had been so long since we visited Youngstown!
I hope you enjoy!