A break in March

I haven't been fair in blogging recently, so I am letting all of my viewers know that I will return again in April with a TON of new posts, especially because it will be my blog's first birthday! I'm trying to lose a few winter pounds so that I can fit into some old clothes again. The weather was so bad that I could hardly go outside so I just sat inside and apparently gained another pant size. Ugh, well I'll be documenting my dieting and exercise via instagram and I hope it offers you some encouragement to get back into shape as well! I'll be tagging it #Kelseygetshealthy because it sounds pretty darn cute to me. Oh! While I'm at it, I'll tell you all some recent news! Shawn and I are vacationing in Florida with our good friend Alec in the middle of April and I will be getting some new clothes because I have an unspent JCREW gift card! Also, I have some awesome crafty DIYs that I will share with you, and hopefully soon enough I will be able to buy a better and new camera! (That's a big reason why I haven't posted lately) April will be a big blogging month, so come back soon to see a new post (hopefully) every day! That's my plan and why I'm taking off March. I won't have time every single day, so I'm actually doing posts now and saving them for April. Oh! And incase you were wondering, my 19th birthday is coming up on April 12th, so like I said, April is a super special month for me! Thanks for being so loyal and regularly checking my blog for new content, April won't be a disappointment, I promise!