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A break in March

I haven't been fair in blogging recently, so I am letting all of my viewers know that I will return again in April with a TON of new posts, especially because it will be my blog's first birthday! I'm trying to lose a few winter pounds so that I can fit into some old clothes again. The weather was so bad that I could hardly go outside so I just sat inside and apparently gained another pant size. Ugh, well I'll be documenting my dieting and exercise via instagram and I hope it offers you some encouragement to get back into shape as well! I'll be tagging it #Kelseygetshealthy because it sounds pretty darn cute to me. Oh! While I'm at it, I'll tell you all some recent news! Shawn and I are vacationing in Florida with our good friend Alec in the middle of April and I will be getting some new clothes because I have an unspent JCREW gift card! Also, I have some awesome crafty DIYs that I will share with you, and hopefully soon enough I will be able to buy a better…