Tuesday Tips: 10 Signs You're an Awkward Person

You can only explain things in your head and not aloud.

I would explain the relevance of this photo, but that would be pure irony, wouldn't it?

You try to dance

...and joke about it to make it less awkward, but obviously that plan went in the opposite direction.
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Strange Habits?
Your freshly dried laundry keeps you warm, but this could be a little strange to those who just don't get  you. 

The fact that you're doing that strange habit AGAIN.

Slumber in someone else's car.

Maybe it wouldn't have been so awkward if there wasn't a camera.

Photo Fail

Self explanatory. At least you weren't alone.

The comfort you find in being someone else.

Everyone has an inner hill billy, right? (and no worries, it's a pop can)


The impossible urge to make ridiculous faces at a camera. Even if you didn't think so, I'm sure a smile would have been cuter.

Spacing Out

Some people stare, while I chew on things. Way to go, awkward Kelsey.

"Will you take a picture of me?"

If you feel awkward reading it, then you're in! Maybe you can tell how awkward I feel in front of a camera. 

I wanted to do a fun post, because I feel like I need to hare my personality with you! I'm not sure how many of you actually read, but i hope you at least get a good giggle out of this post. 

Thanks, best friends!