Makeup Monday: Grunge Effy Stonem Look


I don't do video tutorials much, but when I do, I hope you enjoy them! Only the first 5 or 6 minutes is how to do the eyes! The rest is how to look more like the finished Effy from the UK version of Skins (such as a thinner nose, light blush, and light lips.)

I LOVE SKINS. I don't know what about it I love, but I don't recommend the series to you if you get depressed easily. I can only ever watch a few episodes every few weeks, because it really effects my mood. It's a brilliant show that I love, though. It has mature content, so make sure you can handle it before giving it a run!

I love this look, but unfortunately it doesn't have half the amount of charm for people with dark eyes as much as it would with people with bright eyes. It's a fantastic look though, and honestly makes me feel rather sexy.
I hope you enjoy this tutorial! 

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