Creme of the Crop


Jaclyn Smith Nude Heels - KMart
Blouse - New York & Company (Old)
Dress Slacks -Bonton
Faux Pearly Pearls - JCrew

So I worked the evening of Valentine's Day, hence the "Australian" date the day prior. So this is what I wore, and without a proper camera/ photographer, I managed to snap a few of these inadequate photos, haha. I love high waisted pants/slacks/jean,however most of the time I don't have the body for them and I just end up looking pregnant. But, I managed to pull these old babies out of the dresser and they still fit! So they looked good, and I have happy to have found a new outfit to blog about. I have some not so awesome pictures of  my hair that I'm embarassed to post (because of quality) and also it was the end of the night. But I chose to post them anyway!