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Tuesday Tips: 10 Signs You're an Awkward Person

You can only explain things in your head and not aloud.
I would explain the relevance of this photo, but that would be pure irony, wouldn't it?

You try to dance
...and joke about it to make it less awkward, but obviously that plan went in the opposite direction.

Strange Habits? Your freshly dried laundry keeps you warm, but this could be a little strange to those who just don't get  you. 
The fact that you're doing that strange habit AGAIN.

Slumber in someone else's car.
Maybe it wouldn't have been so awkward if there wasn't a camera.

Photo Fail
Self explanatory. At least you weren't alone.

The comfort you find in being someone else.
Everyone has an inner hill billy, right? (and no worries, it's a pop can)

Creme of the Crop

Jaclyn Smith Nude Heels - KMart Blouse - New York & Company (Old) Dress Slacks -Bonton Faux Pearly Pearls - JCrew
So I worked the evening of Valentine's Day, hence the "Australian" date the day prior. So this is what I wore, and without a proper camera/ photographer, I managed to snap a few of these inadequate photos, haha. I love high waisted pants/slacks/jean,however most of the time I don't have the body for them and I just end up looking pregnant. But, I managed to pull these old babies out of the dresser and they still fit! So they looked good, and I have happy to have found a new outfit to blog about. I have some not so awesome pictures of  my hair that I'm embarassed to post (because of quality) and also it was the end of the night. But I chose to post them anyway! 

Valentine's Surprise! My Australian Themed Date

Happy Valentine's day! Okay, so we all know that I'm a really broke college student who is lucky to get $100 a week from work, and trying to pay rent that is too high for my wallet. So for Valentine's Day, I wanted to do something for Shawn, but I had to get a bit more creative. His ideal date is to go scuba diving in Australia, so I turn our Apartment into an Australian getaway, hahah!

In our hallway, I posted this sign for Shawn to see when he walked in. The Kangaroo is his first clue (because I sent him on a scavenger hunt)

Some decorations to set the "Australian" Mood. (Like I said, I'm broke, so I had to make due with what I had)
There were two clue for him, with a surprise at each stop. The Kangaroo led him to a Shamrock Shake (because we love them!) and the Koala led him to a slideshow that I made for us.
And at the end of the slideshow, It led him out to our "beach" where we had yummy bacon wrapped shrimp, regular shrimp with rosemary, and for de…

Makeup Monday: Grunge Effy Stonem Look

Hello!I don't do video tutorials much, but when I do, I hope you enjoy them! Only the first 5 or 6 minutes is how to do the eyes! The rest is how to look more like the finished Effy from the UK version of Skins (such as a thinner nose, light blush, and light lips.)
I LOVE SKINS. I don't know what about it I love, but I don't recommend the series to you if you get depressed easily. I can only ever watch a few episodes every few weeks, because it really effects my mood. It's a brilliant show that I love, though. It has mature content, so make sure you can handle it before giving it a run!
I love this look, but unfortunately it doesn't have half the amount of charm for people with dark eyes as much as it would with people with bright eyes. It's a fantastic look though, and honestly makes me feel rather sexy.
I hope you enjoy this tutorial! 
Feel free to leave comments/suggestions!I love hearing from you!

Simple is as Simple Does.

Pretty much everything in this outfit was thrifted. But I think it looks like a nice and simple prep look! I am too poor to afford AA batteries at the moment, so my camera is temporarily out of commission. These were the only "good" pictures I got before it died, so hopefully I can buy batteries soon and we can continue with the show!

Tuesday Tips: DIY Makeup Remover

It's February everyone! I'm excited! So after my first week back at school, I feel exhausted. I get 2 days off a week, but other than that, I have approximately 8 or 9 hour school days. I remember thinking in High School that I would much rather only have to come to school twice or thrice a week for maybe 8 or 9 hours instead of 6, but boy, I was wrong. By the time I have my night classes, I'm beyond exhausted!

On another note, the reason I haven't been posting much about outfits lately is because to be quite frank, my apartment is messy and not an awesome place to take pictures (alone might I add) and the weather with the wind chill for the past week here has been roughly -27 degrees. I'm sorry to say that I can't bring myself to wear dresses or skirts in that type of weather and I only have one other pair of pants that aren't regular jeans.

So today, I have decided to link you to this awesome DIY that I found while stumbling around the internet, so I wil…