Tuesday Tips: Keeping Moisturized

Okay, to start off, my actual tip is to go see "Frozen" by Disney! And watch it with your sister, if you have one. My older sister, Shannon, was in town for break from Washington D.C. We have always been very close and have shared things like every sibling does. I have so many things that remind me of her. Frozen has now been added to that list. Elsa, the ice sorceress Queen is like my sister, and I am Ana. It's perfect because they also look like us, hair color wise. I can't stop listening to the soundtrack, and the end melts my heart , (pun, if you've seen the film). It's actually made me miss my sister more than ever. I don't have a car and living in Buffalo with all the snow and storms make it hard to drive to my parents house where she's staying. Enough about my little tidbit, lets get to the Tuesday Tip!


Clean and Clear Dual Action Moistuizer                                     Aveeno Positively Radiant Moistuizer
      Olay Complete Moisturizer with Sunscreen                              Johnson's Natural baby lotion

Winter air is very dry, believe it or not, which causes chap lips easily and dry skin, especially on places like legs, face, and elbows. Now I suggest anything with coco butter, it hydrates the skin even long after it's absorbed into it. I also have an acne problem, so to prevent breaking out, I have to be very careful which moisturizers I use. Through years of experimentation, I have come up with a list of great affordable products that you can easily get at drug stores!
Note: I have normal fairly dry skin (all year round), and my sister has sensative oily skin. We are very different skin types but these products are ones that have done wonders for both of us, so don't be afraid to try if you have sensative skin!