See Ya in Scrapbooks, 2013!

These are some of my favorite posts and favorite memories of 2013. This year kicked butt, and a lot of positive things happened for me. It honestly was lucky 13!

1. Had a half day in high school practically every other week
2. Kelsey the Dig was born
3. Went to Walt Disney World for my senior trip
4. Partied hard and made unforgettable memories
5. PROM!
6. Graduation and a solo at the ceremony!
7. Getting my very first apartment with my lovely boyfriend
8. FINALLY performing on a stage other than a school's
9. Having Shawn's Belgian friend Sophie visit
10. Maturity, finally. 
11. ACED my first semester at college!
12. Shooting my first gun and not hitting a single target (woo- hoo?)

I have just been so blessed. Usually when a new year comes around, I'm so glad to kiss it's predecessor goodbye; however, I'm going to miss 2013. Hopefully 2014 will be just as great for both you and me.
Thanks so much for all the support I've received about my blog. It truly is my baby and I hope you enjoy my postings!

Happy New Year!