Hello, Hello.


Kelsey's Details:
Coffee Shop Acoustic Dress - Modcloth
Boots - Ideeli
Headband - DIY
Pearls - Gift as an Infant

Shawn's Details:
Shirt - Kenneth Cole
Jeans - Levi's

Wow, it feels like it's been a while. January has been a very uninspiring month for me, and to be honest, I have a lot of free time (because I'm on a break for school..STILL) but I haven't got anyone to take pictures, really. And I'm sick of trying to prop my camera up on silly things to get a half decent picture. I promise I will try to post more, I've also been tight on money, and I feel like I'm running out of clothes (besides t-shirts, jeans, and scarves.) I don't want to post boring outfits anymore, but I can't bring myself to take pictures outside in 5 degree weather wearing a dress or skirt. It's bitter in Buffalo and 2 minutes without anything covered burns! 
As an apology for my unannouced hiatius, I have posted a few pictures having to do with a dress that I pulled out and am blogging about again, some cheerful decorations, and a taste of what Shawn wears!
I hope you enjoy, and again, I'm sorry for going away for so long!