Urban Stroll


Sweater - Old
Blue Button Down (Similar) - NY & Company
Owl Necklace - Inherited
Navy Blue Coat (Old) - KMart
Belt (Old) - Target
Skinny Jeans (Old) - Levi's
Boots - Ideeli

Happy Holidays! Yay! 
I hope Santa brought all of you everything you wanted!

This hectic season is coming to an end. I just have to get through New Years. Speaking of which, Shawn and I are hosting a little party to celebrate both. I am planning on replicating a bunch of idea I have seen on Pinterest and other's blogs, and I'm so excited because they are fabulous ideas! I think it's time to buy some more clothes, seeing as I didn't get any for Christmas- I'm running out of things to wear! Plus, the weight loss thing isn't working so well for me. Time to join the gym! My body keeps fluctuating in an unhealthy way, and I need to be steady so I know what fits and what doesn't. Having to take two sizes of everything I try on into the dressing room is not the best feeling. 
Well, I hope we can all melt away holiday pounds together!
Tis the season to set goals that I know I will forget to stick to, ahahah.

Love you!