Navy just tickles me pink!

Pink and Navy Striped Shirt - J Crew
Matching Skirt - Tommy Hilfiger
Boots - Ideeli
Faux Pearls - J Crew 

Hello! Happy belated Thanksgiving! And Happy December! Finally, Christmas time fills the air and everyone gets into the holiday spirit! I love Christmas shopping at little boutiques around my local "Elmwood Village" It's so beautifully lit up at night with Christmas spirit. I can't believe how busy I've been, I mean, after all it IS the holidays. I feel like I'm running out of outifts to blog about.  You see, I love to thrift shop, but I'm trying to buy more brand names so that is it easier for you, as the viewer, to find things you like, and discover different shops. Unfortunately, I live like a king, and eat like a peasant. After two weeks of hardly any groceries, Shawn and I finally got some! Hallelujah. Ramen was starting to make me sick, haha. Well I hope everyone's holiday was fantastic! I'm so excited for Christmas break (but not for my finals.)

Please don't expect much of me for the next week, I will be tearing my hair out for these upcoming exams. hahaha.