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Urban Stroll

Sweater - Old Blue Button Down (Similar) - NY & Company Owl Necklace - Inherited Navy Blue Coat (Old) - KMart Belt (Old) - Target Skinny Jeans (Old) - Levi's Boots - Ideeli
Happy Holidays! Yay!  I hope Santa brought all of you everything you wanted!
This hectic season is coming to an end. I just have to get through New Years. Speaking of which, Shawn and I are hosting a little party to celebrate both. I am planning on replicating a bunch of idea I have seen on Pinterest and other's blogs, and I'm so excited because they are fabulous ideas! I think it's time to buy some more clothes, seeing as I didn't get any for Christmas- I'm running out of things to wear! Plus, the weight loss thing isn't working so well for me. Time to join the gym! My body keeps fluctuating in an unhealthy way, and I need to be steady so I know what fits and what doesn't. Having to take two sizes of everything I try on into the dressing room is not the best feeling.  Well, I hope we can …

Tuesday Tips: Holiday Nails!

Unfortunately, I don't have a tutorial, however I figured I would still share the end product.

It's Christmas Eve! For me that means missing out on a family Christmas Party and working until 1 A.M instead. With no holiday pay. Maybe this is just me complaining! I still haven't finished wrapping gifts for my family! AHH! I'm running out of time, and quickly. 

I hope everyone traveling made it home safe for the holidays, I'm grateful my sister did, after a frustrating process to get here.
Happy Holidays!
P.S - A winner has been randomly selected for my Modcloth Giveaway! Thanks for all those who participated, and don't forget to check my blog for other contests and prizes!

Too Cold for Horseplay

Horse Dress- Primark Grey Sweater - Old (Don't Remember) Tights - Rite Aid (no shame) Winter boots - Target Maroon Socks (Similar) - KMart Navy Coat - KMart Bracelets - Collection of made/given/and thrifted bracelets.

I've had a lot fo these garments for a long time. When I used to shop at places strictly like KMart, annd Target. Don't get me wrong, I love buying higher end clothing that has a bit more character, but why pay double the cost just because of a brand name? It never made sense to me. I love this outfit! I normally wear it when I stay inside and feel cozy, because even though it may not look like it, it is very comfortable to wear, and I feel like this outfit is more me. I love the horses on it, and purchased it when I went to England in November of 2012. I was introduced to Primark and fell in love. It was my favorite store and I surly bought a lot of clothes from there! I'm gad they all still fit, it means I haven't gained much weight, ahah! 
Speaking of whic…

Holiday Modcloth Giveaway!

Four Square Dress in ForestAutumn Romance Dress & Writers Colorblock Cardigan
Doo Bee Doo Bee Kitten Heels Acoustic Coffee Shop Dress

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We all know that the holidays means a lot of shopping! But it's so heartbreaking when you can't buy anything for yourself. So this is my gift to you! The contest is simple, you can get up to 3 entires in it if you do everything it asks! The contest is only 5 days long: Starts December 18th and ends Christmas Eve, December 24th at midnight! PLEASE PLEASE leave your email in a comment so I can contact you! It would be a shame if you won and I couldn't reward you just because I can't contact you! This is my very first giveaway so I'm very excited! Please share with friends and family! 
Happy Holidays!

Tuesday Tips: How to Naturally Heal Scars

Coconut OilThe fatty acids in coconut oil work like antioxidants; preventing and reversing free radical damage on skinHow to use: Apply over damaged skin area dailyCarrot JuiceRich in minerals and Vitamin C cleanses and beautifies skinsHow to use: Mix carrot juice with one teaspoon of sea salt and massage the paste on scars in a circular motion. Leave to dry and rinse with warm water.Sea Salt BathsThey act as an antiseptic! Also, it helps to absorb all the toxins in your body which can help relieve cellulite. (Just a little extra for you c; )How to: Fill up bath with warm water and mix with sea salt. Sit in it for 30 minutes once a week.Aloe VeraRegenerates skin tissue, fights inflammation, and provides a soothing moisture to skinHow to use: Cut a leaf off the aloe vera plant, and slice it lengthwise to expose the aloe sap. Apply directly to skin.Vitamin EStimulates the formation of collagen and improves skin texture and strangth.How to use: A concentrated vitamin E oil formula (or th…

Makeup Monday: Holiday Favorites!

Naked 2 Palette - Urban Decay Lipstick - L'Oreal Paris
I love love love the Naked 2 Palette! This is by far my favorite look with it! I will soon try out a bunch more so that I can post about it! Hopefully you all will get it as a gift for the holidays! I am hoping for Naked 3! But we'll see ;) I love the holidays and I can't believe that Christmas is basically a week away!  I'm excited to be with my family and eat the pounds of cookies that my Mom baked, hahaha. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get the chance to make a gingerbread house yet, but I'm determined that I will!

Plaid for the Seasons

Plaid Flannel - Thrifted Dress- Primark Boot - Ideeli
Cookies, Christmas, Crazy family, oh my! Mom made a ridiculous amount of cookies...literally hundreds. hahah, and Shawn and I were her taste testers, hehe! We decorated the tree, as you can see, and goofed off the rest of the day. I love the holidays! My family tradition is usually playing old Christmas records while decorating the tree after mom puts it up. I usually have my sister around to make it feel complete, but she has finals in D.C like many of us are experiencing. haha, Speaking of finals, I'M DONE! Yay! Until May anyway... I am excited for winter break, because it will allow me to get crafty! To be honest, I'm a little afraid that I'll get too bored; I like be productive. Sorry about the slow posting, as we all know the holidays get hectic! 

Pour L'amour Project!

So I've been working on this cool project for school and it involved getting a group and creating a fashion label and such. I hope you will check it out! It's mock and of course it's a school project, but it's fashion related so I thought I'd share it with you! (Click the image)

Navy just tickles me pink!

Pink and Navy Striped Shirt - J Crew Matching Skirt - Tommy Hilfiger Boots - Ideeli Faux Pearls - J Crew 
Hello! Happy belated Thanksgiving! And Happy December! Finally, Christmas time fills the air and everyone gets into the holiday spirit! I love Christmas shopping at little boutiques around my local "Elmwood Village" It's so beautifully lit up at night with Christmas spirit. I can't believe how busy I've been, I mean, after all it IS the holidays. I feel like I'm running out of outifts to blog about.  You see, I love to thrift shop, but I'm trying to buy more brand names so that is it easier for you, as the viewer, to find things you like, and discover different shops. Unfortunately, I live like a king, and eat like a peasant. After two weeks of hardly any groceries, Shawn and I finally got some! Hallelujah. Ramen was starting to make me sick, haha. Well I hope everyone's holiday was fantastic! I'm so excited for Christmas break (but not for my…