Happy 101 Posts!

For my 101 post, I've decided to show you my newly dyed hair!
I've never dyed my hair before, so I was beyond nervous. 
A friend helped me out and told me I needed a developer (I got the lowest strength to try and preserve my gingery hair for when it grows in) and then I chose my dye! I got everything from Sally's Beauty Supplies!


                     Before...                                                          After!

Instead of spending $80 at a salon, I got in done for under $15 and did it myself! I got experience and it looks great! I guess it's a good idea to put Vaseline around your hairline to prevent dyed skin, but I didn't. I just went at it very carefully with a comb! 

I hardly told anyone I was actually going to do it, and when I picked Shawn up from work, he thought it looked great! Phew ;)
My mom and dad liked it too. I thought they would be the most upset, because they always told me how pretty my hair was. Well anyway, here are some nice photos of the new me!

Here's to 101 posts and many more to come!

Happy Halloween!