Catching Fire Premiere! (Sorry for the Poor Images)

I love, love, love the Hunger Games series! 
I was very excited for the November 22nd midnight premiere! I went with my mom and Shawn to see it and it was amazing! It was very similar to the book and I think the director and the actor's did a great job!
I made this costume and it took me a month! It was crazy! I made all the butterflies by hand and it was practically torturous. But it looked awesome, and when I walked in to the theater, I kid you not, everyone was whispering about my costume! People even asked me to take pictures with them! I had so much fun, and I wish I could watch that movie everyday, because it was so fantastic! 

Happy Hunger Games!

Pictures were taken from Iphone, Camera broke!

(Sorry for the poor quality)


P.S - My mom was supposed to be Haymitch. hehehe, bless her!