Baby, it's cold outside.


Plaid Skirt - Thrifted
White Sweater - Thrifted
White Peter Pan Blouse - Old, don't remember
Boots - Ideeli
Faux Pearly Pearl Necklace - J Crew

So I'm home for a few days for Thanksgiving and I looked out my window and low and behold, it snowed! Yay! But also, NOOO. haha, I have to walk everywhere in Buffalo, and I hate the cold beyond belief. I just can't help it, because it's gorgeous. I thrifted the majority of this outfit a while ago, waiting for a snowy day to wear it! I was thinking of waiting until Christmas, but I now know what I want to wear for that blog post. Hopefully I'll be able to post a Turkey Day post. I'm so bad, I've already been listening to Christmas music for weeks. Opps!

As you may have noticed in my pictures, I got glasses! I used to (hardly) wear contacts, and it didn't work out because I never wanted/ remembered to put them in. I now have glasses and couldn't be happier! I can see again! Distance was terrible, I was struggling so much in my classes, but I've finally fixed that, hehe. The brand is "Randy Jackson" and no, I don't really care for American Idol anymore. It used to be fantastic, but now I'm getting off topic. I wish everyone an amazing Thanksgiving, and for those is other countries, Happy upcoming Holidays! I would love to hear feedback from anyone about holiday outfits or traditions! I'm looking to spice up my family's holidays with something new! 

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