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Tiny little note.

I've really been in the mood to blog lately. Maybe it's because I am starting to feel more and more than I'm growing a fan base? I hope so! I love going on Lookbook and seeing that I've received more hypes or likes on Facebook. Since being home, I've learned how much I love to procrastinate. I simply can't find myself getting the motivation to study, but I know it's inevitable. Oh, and while being home, I've learned that I hate television. I always hated it, because my parents kept it on 24/7 as a kid. I remember that before I moved out, I told myself I never wanted a t.v. and boy, I could not have been more right. To be honest, the thought of coming home excites me, but once I get here, it reminds me of why I wanted to move out so desperately. I guess that's how a lot of people are, I just feel bad that I feel that way. Well, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Remember to set your scales back 10 pounds! hahaha!

Baby, it's cold outside.

Plaid Skirt - Thrifted White Sweater - Thrifted White Peter Pan Blouse - Old, don't remember Boots - Ideeli Faux Pearly Pearl Necklace - J Crew
So I'm home for a few days for Thanksgiving and I looked out my window and low and behold, it snowed! Yay! But also, NOOO. haha, I have to walk everywhere in Buffalo, and I hate the cold beyond belief. I just can't help it, because it's gorgeous. I thrifted the majority of this outfit a while ago, waiting for a snowy day to wear it! I was thinking of waiting until Christmas, but I now know what I want to wear for that blog post. Hopefully I'll be able to post a Turkey Day post. I'm so bad, I've already been listening to Christmas music for weeks. Opps!
As you may have noticed in my pictures, I got glasses! I used to (hardly) wear contacts, and it didn't work out because I never wanted/ remembered to put them in. I now have glasses and couldn't be happier! I can see again! Distance was terrible, I was struggling so…

Catching Fire Premiere! (Sorry for the Poor Images)

I love, love, love the Hunger Games series!  I was very excited for the November 22nd midnight premiere! I went with my mom and Shawn to see it and it was amazing! It was very similar to the book and I think the director and the actor's did a great job! I made this costume and it took me a month! It was crazy! I made all the butterflies by hand and it was practically torturous. But it looked awesome, and when I walked in to the theater, I kid you not, everyone was whispering about my costume! People even asked me to take pictures with them! I had so much fun, and I wish I could watch that movie everyday, because it was so fantastic! 
Happy Hunger Games!
Pictures were taken from Iphone, Camera broke! (Sorry for the poor quality)

P.S - My mom was supposed to be Haymitch. hehehe, bless her!

Makeup Monday: How to Get Beautiful Eyebrows!

What I used: Maybelline Eye Brow Pencil in BLONDEHello everyone!  So recently, I was asked to do an eyebrow tutorial on shaping. Believe it or not, this is not the best my eyebrows can look, I promise! So I will quickly lay out the steps for you, and then I'm trotting off to bed. You see, it's 9:30 and past my bed time, hehehe.

Step 1: Line the under side of your brow starting from the thickest inside part of the eyebrow and gently getting thinner as your sweep towards the outside.

Step 2: Fill in the thickest inside part of the brow to define a "straight line" shape.

Step 3: Fill in until where your eyebrow meets with the corner of your mouth

Step 4: Draw a line going downwards for the rest of the brow

Practice makes perfect, and obviously, I'm still practicing! aahhah Hope you enjoyed! Happy Makeup Monday!

Sharing my talents with you!

I feel like I don't actually share my personal life on my blog. Well in case you didn't know, I'm an opera singer and I haven't been in any operas, but I'm classically trained. I've recently been thinking about it because it's true... If you don't use it, you lose it. I'm beginning to lose my voice with tone and pitch :c SAD. At any rate, let me know what you think about my music! I love you all! Thanks for all your support! 

Makeup Monday: Urban Decay is Releasing Naked 3!

So, if you haven't been living under a rock, you've probably already heard that NAKED 3 is coming out soon! Well, I think it's a little funny, because I normally never spend more than $10 on any given makeup item. This means I typically buy my makeup at drug stores; however, I finally finally allowed myself to splurge and bought this $50 NAKED 2 Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. And as soon as I get it, NAKED 3 comes out! It's so hard to keep up with the Jones'!  Well incase you were wondering what NAKED 3 could possibly include, Urban Decay has decided to make it a more rosey based palette. I don't know exactly how I feel about it, considering it's called "Naked" for a reason and it very purply as well.  I'm still excited for it! I want to try it out before I judge anything. I am a big fan of Urban Decay cosmetics now, though, and hope to be able to post some naked tutorials!

Tobi 50% off Sale!

 In case you didn't hear, make sure you checkout for their latest 50% site wide sale in celebration of their new website!

Classic Black

Black Dress- Primark Black Heels - Payless Over the Knee Socks - Urban Outfitters Maroon Tights - OLD
I bought this dress in England and absolutely love it! It's getting a bit short, so I think I'm going to sell it. Any takers?


I can't source much of my clothes because much of what I'm wearing is thrifted or from small boutiques in other countries. So I'll source what I can.
Faux Pearl Bracelet - Claire's Boots - Ideeli Winter Coat - Kmart
It's difficult to want to not wear jeans everyday. The weather goes from cold to hot to bitter and bearable multiple times a day. I hate unpredictable weather because I hate being cold, but I'm try to be risky while I can and not just wear jeans! Bear with me, I'm running out of clothes because I just a lot of them away and am lacking in money and new creative outfits. Bear with me! The holiday season approaches, and here comes broke Kelsey life.

A Moment for Me

I'm going to change it up a bit and do a personal blog post. In this post, I will express thoughts that hopefully inspire, motivate, and encourage you.  When I was younger, I used to listen to the song "Beautiful Colors" by a band called Kill Paradise. The first lyrics are "Gracing the stage, now I'm turning the page..." Throughout my entire life I've been turning pages. I've been extremely lucky to experience wonderful things, grow in leadership, and (sometimes) excel at my maturity expectations. It never rains in my mind. It used to a lot, but I've been able to pull myself out of many sticky situations in my life. I've always been an independent person and never "needed" anyone. I've helped myself out of a lot without any help from anyone, and here I find myself trying to help others. I have been blessed to be so self sufficient; however, we aren't meant to be alone forever. I have recently learned that being lonely and &q…

Pour L'amour Mood Board


Happy 101 Posts!

For my 101 post, I've decided to show you my newly dyed hair! I've never dyed my hair before, so I was beyond nervous.  A friend helped me out and told me I needed a developer (I got the lowest strength to try and preserve my gingery hair for when it grows in) and then I chose my dye! I got everything from Sally's Beauty Supplies!
The color I used was 7WR-7.35 Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Mochas.
                     Before...                                                          After! Instead of spending $80 at a salon, I got in done for under $15 and did it myself! I got experience and it looks great! I guess it's a good idea to put Vaseline around your hairline to prevent dyed skin, but I didn't. I just went at it very carefully with a comb! 
I hardly told anyone I was actually going to do it, and when I picked Shawn up from work, he thought it looked great! Phew ;) My mom and dad liked it too. I thought they would be the most upset, because they always told me h…