The Witch's Wardrobe and a Bit of Mixology


Blouse - Local Boutique,Everything Elmwood
Floral Dress (Skirt) - Thrifted
Black Booties - Payless
"Hottie Beads" Necklace - Gift from Shannon

I have been obsessed with my new black blouse and my booties! I love, love, love them and my excuse for wearing them so often is because they are dark and it's Halloween time!
Halloween is my favorite time of the year and my favorite holiday! (Some don't even consider it a Holiday, but I DO!)

These pictures are compliments of Kitty Cat Clyde. We took them in front of a building so that they would look more industrial...almost. Well let's get on with why I brought some previous post photos into this one. SORRY FOR THE IMAGE QUALITY. I know I need to invest in a new camera, but I'm trying!

It's a bit of Mixology, I would say! I was pretty proud when I threw all this together. Of course,the skirt looks awkward in the pictures according to my body's position, but I promise about 80% of the time OUTSIDE the camera, it looked even. Well anyway, I took my thrifted long skirt and yes, I wore it as a dress again, and added  my beautiful bewitching blouse over top! Kiersten helped my find these socks, I had been trying for months now to find a pair that were the perfect length and BOOM; found them!

Thanks for keeping up with me, I'm quite inspired to post a lot lately! 

Must be the Halloween Spirit!