My Ideeli Experience!

Bought these little beauties the oother day on Ideeli ! They were originally 300 and something dollars, but Ideeli is all about selling designer brands at such a low rate! I bought these for around $120 including shipping! Pure leather, what a steal! Their sales are usually 2 days long, so when yo see something, you have to act fast! These boots are a little snug on me, but I just might keep them because they are so close to fitting. They just need to be broken into, right!? 
Sorry for the poor photo quality! I only have an iphone 4 and this was meant for instagram! 
Ideeli was fantastic! They shipped it in a decent time, the packaging was great and everything was snug so that my goods didn't get messed up in the post! These boots are awesome, and Ideeli will sure be seeing more of me as a customer! So definitely check them out!! I was not asked to promote them, I am just a very happy customer!
Thanks for sticking with me, Happy October!