A Day in the Park Featuring Erin!


This post is Featuring E.P! 
You've all met Erin before in one of my (ridiculously long) makeup tutorials. She is Shawn's litter sister, whom I've taken on as my own. I love this girl to death. I'm not 100% on where she got all of her clothes, but I know a few things are borrowed from friends (*cough cough* Megan *cough cough*) and the hat which is mine. Shawn enjoys stealing it now as well, hehe.

I was told by a friend, Anna, that she enjoys reading my blog because she loves finding spelling errors...Well I just want everyone to know that I took two years of AP English in High School, and I do know how to spell! I just type fast and don't think to proof read. 

Have a great Wednesday! Hopefully it's a better day than mine has been.