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Happy Birthday Edith Head!

I don't know if anyone else is pumped about today's Google spot light star, but it is Edith Head! The brilliant American costume designer! She is my idol because of course, my dream job is costume designing! According to Wikipedia, she won 8 academy awards, which is more than any designer. Google is celebrating her 116th birthday today!Unfortunately only in memory, she left us in 1981. She has been certainly one of the most influential people in my life, and I continue to live by her influence and hope to be as great as she someday!
Fun fact about Edith!  The character, Edna Mode from the Incredibles was based off of Edith Head. Supposedly she had a very similar personality, too!
Short snipit for you about Edith. Don't worry it's only 5 minutes long!

Makeup Monday: A Copper Lining

What I used: 
How I Did It:

  Before        After Happy Makeup Monday! I recently bought the Naked II pallet from Urban Decay from Amazon for $50. Very pricey for me, considering I usually buy my makeup at drug stores. My look for today did not use Urban Decay makeup, as I am still waiting for it's arrival, which should be soon! I'm very excited! I've never owned any real professional makeup besides ben nye white makeup for costume make up, haha. This look consisted of family dollar "L.A COLORS" pallet and NYC (New York Color) Liquid foundation, with a bit of Stiletto Maybelline Mascara in black. Pretty cheap, but it lasted the whole day, so I'm not complaining! I hope everyone has a great Halloween, maybe I'll post some last minute "how to" scary makeup tutorials. I don't have anymore October  Monday's left! Stay tuned, hopefully !

Blogging Molly

Military Maroon Blazer - Charlotte Russe Black Kitten Heels (Similar) - Modcloth Black Blouse - Macy's Floral Pants - Thrifted
The day Kiersten and I took these pictures, it was beyond windy! It was soo cold in Delaware Park that I had we ended up gong to the Burchfield Penny (an art gallery on campus.) I found these floral pants at a consignment shop in Buffalo, Second Chic. There was an exhibit at the Burchfield Penny of a box that triggered trickling water anytime you stepped inside. The lighting was great, so we took pictures there! hahaha.

Smoke Nail Tutorial

Hello everyone! Today, I'm showing you an awesome nail tutorial that makes it look like there is smoke on your nails. I am using a water color technique to do this. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed making it! I viewed a picture of it on Nasty Gal's website and wanted to give it a try myself and show you!
Check out my youtube for more tutorials, tips, and style!

I'm a messy nail painter! Sorry, I promise it looks much better than this in reality!

The Witch's Wardrobe and a Bit of Mixology

Blouse - Local Boutique,Everything Elmwood Floral Dress (Skirt) - Thrifted Black Booties - Payless Over the Knee Socks - Urban Outfitters "Hottie Beads" Necklace - Gift from Shannon
I have been obsessed with my new black blouse and my booties! I love, love, love them and my excuse for wearing them so often is because they are dark and it's Halloween time! Halloween is my favorite time of the year and my favorite holiday! (Some don't even consider it a Holiday, but I DO!)
These pictures are compliments of Kitty Cat Clyde. We took them in front of a building so that they would look more industrial...almost. Well let's get on with why I brought some previous post photos into this one. SORRY FOR THE IMAGE QUALITY. I know I need to invest in a new camera, but I'm trying!
It's a bit of Mixology, I would say! I was pretty proud when I threw all this together. Of course,the skirt looks awkward in the pictures according to my body's position, but I promise about 8…

Pumpkin Army

Military Maroon Blazer - Charlotte RusseArturo Chaing Boot - IdeeliBlack Button Down - ThriftedJeans - Levi'sHeadband - Zara
Photo credit goes to Shawn! I love having to not struggle with taking pictures by myself. I have a crappy digital camera and no tripod and it isn't a good combination. 

It's October and that means pumpkin carving! Erin, Shawn, and I carved pumpkins the night before these were taken.
Mine was the very scary pumpkin and Shawn did the cute happy one! I like his better.
Happy October!

Bewitching on Lookbook!

Black Flow

Blouse - Local Boutique "Everything Elmwood" Leggings - Family Dollar (HOLLA FOR YOUR DOLLA'!) Black Booties- Payless Jewelry - Gifts/Inheritance Purse - Local Leather Worker
So Erin took these pictures of me the other day and to be honest, the black clothes matched my mood. It wasn't a very good day but I made it through! We tried to go to the park but then we had to cross miles of highways and it wasn't worth it. It was a failed attempt which happily ended in tacos and Chinese food!
Right now, I'm actually in one of my fashion classes, so I'm going to go and pay attention now. 
Hi Kiersten!  Hi Cat! (Reading over my shoulder) hahaha

A Day in the Park Featuring Erin!

This post is Featuring E.P!  You've all met Erin before in one of my (ridiculously long) makeup tutorials. She is Shawn's litter sister, whom I've taken on as my own. I love this girl to death. I'm not 100% on where she got all of her clothes, but I know a few things are borrowed from friends (*cough cough* Megan *cough cough*) and the hat which is mine. Shawn enjoys stealing it now as well, hehe.
I was told by a friend, Anna, that she enjoys reading my blog because she loves finding spelling errors...Well I just want everyone to know that I took two years of AP English in High School, and I do know how to spell! I just type fast and don't think to proof read. 

Have a great Wednesday! Hopefully it's a better day than mine has been.