Tuesday Tip: How to Rid Yourself of Ingrown Hairs

If you claim to have never had an ingrown hair in your life, then you are surely mistaken. It's bound to happen to all of us and it's pretty much inevitable. What is an ingrown hair? Well, according to my home remedies handbook, ingrown hairs are hairs that don't break the skin's surface. This can be due to skin build up and lack of lost dead skin cells. Well anyway, the hair curls up under layers of skin and thus creating an ingrown hair. Everyone can experience this, however, people with naturally curly hair are at risk of experiencing it much more frequently. So let's get to the good stuff!

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs?

Avoid Electric
  • Now, I don't know many girls that use electric razors to shave any part of their body, so I guess this one is directed at the guys. DON'T USE ELECTRIC. It will cause your hair to grow back in all different directions and make it harder for you to go with the natural growing direction when shaving. Using electric razors will increase chances of ingrown hairs.

Shave Frequently
  • Shaving more often won't only keep your face (guys) or legs (girls) smoother, but it will also help scrape away dead skin cells which will prevent ingrown hairs.

What to do When You Already Have an Ingrown Hair?

  • The last thing you want to do with an ingrown hair is try to pop it. You will make it bleed and it will scar! The more often you shave, the more likely it is you'l have an ingrown hair. So make sure to go WITH the grain when you're shaving to avoid razor burn and any future ingrown hairs.
Change your blade
  • If you have a double or triple track razor and you notice that you are consistently getting ingrown hairs, then you are shaving too close to the skin! Switch to a single track for a while and let your skin heal itself before constantly shaving it with close razors.

Lift them out

  • Take a clean safety pin and tweezers and carefully lift out any ingrown hairs. Don't pick or dig at them, they will scar!
Acne Medication
  • Make sure your skin is softened with warm water and then apply acne medication. Acne medicines include brands of (but not limited to) Clean and Clear, Nutrogena, Proactive, and others.