5 Ways to Volumize Hair WITHOUT a Curling Iron!

Now, we all know that heat damaged our hair like crazy and if you're anything like me then you want your hair to be alive and growing at it's full potential! Well I've got a few tricks for pumping up the volume a bit without use much heat. So let's get started!

Blow Dry Upside Down

I know I just got finished saying that heat damages, but let's face it- blow drying hair is a little less harsh than direct heat such as a curling iron. By bending over and blow drying your hair upside down, you're allowing it to defy gravity while drying. When you're hair is done drying, you'll see the difference.

Switch the Hair Part

I do this a lot when I don't have time to blow dry. My hair can be very flat at times, and I let is air dry while flipped to one side, and when it's done drying, I just flip it the other way to add volume. I know this can be harder if you have fringe like me, but just be sure to figure out what works best for you. I usually let them dry the way that I will eventually flip all my hair to. Just find what works for you!

Tease the Root

I love teasing! But I don't love brushing it out; it hurts, it's tedious, and it is surely a process. However, the benefits I get from teasing my hair are beautiful. It's pretty much the best way to add volume without getting a bump it!

Get Layers

I can't stress this enough! For the longest time I didn't have layers and when I finally got them, my hair came to life all on it's own. This is because, with layers, your hair isn't weighed down as much as it would be if you left it all the same length. Be careful what you get though, NEVER get layers shorter than the bottom of your ears! Trust me! Just, trust me!

Root Lifting Spray

This spray is available in most drug stores by all those famous drug store cosmetic companies. Don't be afraid to test some of this stuff out, it really can work wonders!

Hope this helped you out a bit!