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Hype my Lookbook!

Pardon My Buddah.

I did it. Yes. I did it. I dyed (parts of) my hair!  I am always afraid to actually dye my hair, because unless I want to pay mass amounts of money, I'm not getting my natural hair color back! Well, I bleached the tips and tried a "diy ombre" experiment. All you really need when putting it in your hair is a comb that isn't very fine and just slightly brush it through to make it ombre looking. I redid some of the blonde again just to make it more dramatic and noticeable! I might even add some brown streaks in! We'll see ;) But for now, enjoy my new hair!
What I used:

Pardon my Buddah.

5 Ways to Volumize Hair WITHOUT a Curling Iron!

Now, we all know that heat damaged our hair like crazy and if you're anything like me then you want your hair to be alive and growing at it's full potential! Well I've got a few tricks for pumping up the volume a bit without use much heat. So let's get started!

Blow Dry Upside Down
I know I just got finished saying that heat damages, but let's face it- blow drying hair is a little less harsh than direct heat such as a curling iron. By bending over and blow drying your hair upside down, you're allowing it to defy gravity while drying. When you're hair is done drying, you'll see the difference.

Switch the Hair Part
I do this a lot when I don't have time to blow dry. My hair can be very flat at times, and I let is air dry while flipped to one side, and when it's done drying, I just flip it the other way to add volume. I know this can be harder if you have fringe like me, but just be sure to figure out what works best for you. I usually let them dry the…

Makeup Monday: Erin's Featured Makeover!

This is Erin! She came over for a few nights, showed me a few things that she really liked, and we did a make over! This looks really similar to what I do normally, but hey- it's what she wanted to do. Anyway, I decided to switch it up and do a video! Yay for tutorials! Hahaha, I love them, I just never put the effort into them. I know I usually show just the result, but here you finally have how to get there! I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

This is the look we portrayed!

Leather Line Up

All genuine leather bags! I bought Shawn he two briefcase bags, and the bought me this beautiful across the shoulder bag! I'm in love! The dark leather bag was bought online, and the other two were from a very nice gentleman from Syracuse and all of his bags are hand made! They are beautiful, and we are in love with them! For more of your viewing pleasure, I have posted some fall/winter 2013 Leather bags as seen on the runway.
                                 Valentino Fall/Winter 2013                     Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2013

An Evanescent Classic

Shirt - Thrifted Striped Shirt - J.Crew Faux Pearly Pearls - J.Crew Watch - Aldo Jaclyn Smith Nude Heels - KMart Purse - Thrifted I have recently been treating myself to some really nice clothes that I know will last me a long time! I usually choose quantity over quality (old poverty habit) and it was REALLY difficult to bring myself to buy this skirt from J.Crew. It was a heaping $75! I couldn't believe I spent that much on it. At least my entire purchase was %55 off. Phew! Well ANYWAY, I think I deserve to take a bow for taking all these pictures yet again by myself!

Sneak Peak of this Pearly Post!

Obviously I'm excited about posting! I took some webcam pictures off of Shawn's massive mac, but I want to offer you the best quality photos! So I have to wait to buy batteries before this beauty comes out. Hope you're as excited about my sailor prep outfits as I am! I was supposed to clean today...Shawn's going to kill me, haha!