Makeup Monday: Death Cabernet for Cutie


So for this I used a dark wine color on the outside (hence the "Cabernet" pun) and used white for the middle and finished the inside corner of my eye with a touch of light pink. I blended it with a little of the wine color to make it more noticeable for photo purposes. This is  a good night time look, or even if take to a less dramatic extent, could be a day time look as well.

It seems I'm always apologizing for not posting constantly. Ans now I'm going to give you more excuses as to why! Well my life is always full of new comittments and projects, and I found myself in the Sound of Music Production at Artpark. As an apprentice, I don't get a vast amount of stage time, but it is time consuming non the less...especially with shows coming up very very soon...Thursday, in fact!

Well to catch you up on my life...

  • I am officially a Lew-Port alumnus
  • I am in a never ending search for an apartment in Buffalo
  • I am a nun in the Sound of Music
  • I have a grad party to plan still...Whoops!
  • Packing and moving out!
  • Starting my new job at Denny's

Oh wow, goodbye summer... :c