Every Day in July is Independence Day

I basically stole all these clothes. 
Sweater Tank - Mom's Closet
BEYOND SHORT shorts - My sister Shannon's Closet
Flats - Hand-me-down from Shannon

I have been ridiculously busy with other life events, sorry for not posting. I'm always apologizing. So I guess this is the norm now, hahaha. It's been burning hot, too! So crazy, and because I dress in layers, usually, it's hard to post interesting outfits without dying. I've been packing my clothes to move into my apartment in Buffalo, so I'm limited on the clothes I have to slap together for posts. Opp! I have about 2 more outfits, before I run out of things to post.. I will try to space them out responsibly. Usually when I have a photo shoot, I'll do a few outfits at a time, but then I post them like all at once because I'm excited to have them! I need to fix those bad habits! ahahaha.
Stay cool!