Come Sail Away!

Yellow Button Down - New York & Company
Anchor Sweater - J. Crew
Jeans- Levi's
Gold Toed Flats - ALDO
Ring- Gift from Shawn

I went on a much needed shopping spree the other day, and boy, it felt good. I have really been into the sailor prep type of style recently, and I've been jamming out to 60's music. It's a strange mix, but the 60's remind me of summer. I usually buy quantity over quality of clothes, but when I get a quantity of things, I don't wear half of them. This time,  splurged on nicer brand name clothes, and wow! There is a world of difference in the quality. you don't just pay for the name, I know I'llhave these clothes much longer than other cheaper ones. Don't worry though! I didn't spend s million bucks! I got 3 shirts, two skirts, and watch, pair of sunglasses, pair of shoes, and some nice sterling silver earrings for just around $200! I don't think thats too bad, considering I only went to Banana Republic, J. Crew, Tommy Hilfiger, Claire's, and Aldo. 

All I can say, is I hope I get a job soon, so I can treat myself a little more often, haha!