Come Sail Away!

Yellow Button Down - New York & Company
Anchor Sweater - J. Crew
Jeans- Levi's
Gold Toed Flats - ALDO
Ring- Gift from Shawn

I went on a much needed shopping spree the other day, and boy, it felt good. I have really been into the sailor prep type of style recently, and I've been jamming out to 60's music. It's a strange mix, but the 60's remind me of summer. I usually buy quantity over quality of clothes, but when I get a quantity of things, I don't wear half of them. This time,  splurged on nicer brand name clothes, and wow! There is a world of difference in the quality. you don't just pay for the name, I know I'llhave these clothes much longer than other cheaper ones. Don't worry though! I didn't spend s million bucks! I got 3 shirts, two skirts, and watch, pair of sunglasses, pair of shoes, and some nice sterling silver earrings for just around $200! I don't think thats too bad, considering I only went to Banana Republic, J. Crew, Tommy Hilfiger, Claire's, and Aldo. 

All I can say, is I hope I get a job soon, so I can treat myself a little more often, haha!

The Labyrinth


Blouse - Sears from the Kardasian Kollection
Leggings - Dollar Store
Shoes- Thrifted
Necklace - Purchase from local artist
The rest of my jewelry - Thrifted

This outfit was photographed probably around the end of June, and it actually wasn't smoldering hot then. It's still nice to wear, if there is a cool day and a nice breeze. This outfit reminds me of David Bowie, who I love so very much. If anyone has ever seen the movie the Labyrinth with David Bowie, then this out fit would remind you of him, too. Thanks to my sister for taking these pictures! :D

Every Day in July is Independence Day

I basically stole all these clothes. 
Sweater Tank - Mom's Closet
BEYOND SHORT shorts - My sister Shannon's Closet
Flats - Hand-me-down from Shannon

I have been ridiculously busy with other life events, sorry for not posting. I'm always apologizing. So I guess this is the norm now, hahaha. It's been burning hot, too! So crazy, and because I dress in layers, usually, it's hard to post interesting outfits without dying. I've been packing my clothes to move into my apartment in Buffalo, so I'm limited on the clothes I have to slap together for posts. Opp! I have about 2 more outfits, before I run out of things to post.. I will try to space them out responsibly. Usually when I have a photo shoot, I'll do a few outfits at a time, but then I post them like all at once because I'm excited to have them! I need to fix those bad habits! ahahaha.
Stay cool!

Makeup Monday: Death Cabernet for Cutie


So for this I used a dark wine color on the outside (hence the "Cabernet" pun) and used white for the middle and finished the inside corner of my eye with a touch of light pink. I blended it with a little of the wine color to make it more noticeable for photo purposes. This is  a good night time look, or even if take to a less dramatic extent, could be a day time look as well.

It seems I'm always apologizing for not posting constantly. Ans now I'm going to give you more excuses as to why! Well my life is always full of new comittments and projects, and I found myself in the Sound of Music Production at Artpark. As an apprentice, I don't get a vast amount of stage time, but it is time consuming non the less...especially with shows coming up very very soon...Thursday, in fact!

Well to catch you up on my life...

  • I am officially a Lew-Port alumnus
  • I am in a never ending search for an apartment in Buffalo
  • I am a nun in the Sound of Music
  • I have a grad party to plan still...Whoops!
  • Packing and moving out!
  • Starting my new job at Denny's

Oh wow, goodbye summer... :c

Street Fashion Picks

The best affordable street fashion website that I know of if Romwe.
This is the collection of my friend Kiersten, who has been featured many times. i'm not sure where she got everything, but Romwe is a great site to find things very very similar.

Tuesday Tips: Tinie Tiny Teeth Whitening Tip (turns out to be a tongue twister)

Bonjour tout le monde!
Hello, world!

Well, I have just been beyond busy with Artpark's Sound of Music production, (I'm a nun, thank you), still looking for an apartment, TRYING to maintain a job with my busy rehearsal schedule, and am also partly responsible for entertaining one of Shawn's Belgian best friends, Sophie. She is such a sweet girl, and she understands English, she just refuses to speak it; poor French is awful. Anyway, back to this tiny tip.

I have been doing this for a little while, but only once in a while. Now, we all use "special" toothpaste to try and make out teeth whiter, however, not all of us notice the very slight difference it makes (if it even makes one at all). So this is something that I found on the internet a little while ago and have tried it and used in occasionally since. If you've ever used arm & hammer baking soda toothpaste, then this trick will taste very similar to the taste of that particular toothpaste. 

  • Step 1. Grab one of those small medicine cups, or even a tiny                              dixie cup
  • Step 2. Fill half of it with hydrogen peroxide (which can be have tons of uses)
  • Step 3. Fill other half with water
  • Step 4. Swish around in your mouth for a minute, or however long you can stand the slight burn

The point of swishing with Hydrogen Peroxide is to let it works in its nature. It will clean your teeth and leave a strange taste, but it's not difficult to get used to. Doing this right before bed works the best (for me anyway), because your mouth is closed, and the substance can work on your teeth as you sleep without any "disturbances."For the safety of your teeth, I only recommend doing this maybe 2 or 3 times a week, but that's up to you. It practically works instantly, so please share with your friends. Everyone today loves things to be instant, and this little trick is pretty darn close. Hope you enjoyed!