Tuesday Tips: How to Have Hot Hair During the Summer

Everyone has problems with their hair during the summer; it's humid, hot, pool hair, dry hair, greasy hair, everything. Well I have a few tips for you so you can avoid all those irritating bad hair days, and feel free to look your best during the hot months!

Dear Blondes,
 My sister is a blonde, so I know the pain of having green hair after getting out of a pool. Want to learn how to fix it? Here's how!
  • Coconut Oil!
  •  If you use coconut oil in your hair and sit in the sun for a bit, it allows the green to just "slip off." It's a great fix, and we'll have to try it on my sister this summer!

Maintaining a Curl in such humid weather?
  • Super Ridiculously Tight Curls
  • Buy a curling iron with a barrel about the size of your finger, so that when you curl your hair and it falls because of the humidity, you'll end up with the perfect wave.

Dry hair from Chlorine or the beach?
  • Deep Conditioning
  • I don't know how else you can really hydrate your hair. I know there are a ton of hydrating shampoos like Garnier.

How to Naturally Get Highlights?
  • Being in the sun, in general, for days on end
  • Lemon juice! 
  • Lemon juice does a great job of lightening hair color, but it dries out hair. The reason it has a bleaching effect is because Lemon Juice actually removes the pigment in your hair making up your hair color. You can really only useit if you have light colored hair. It won't really work otherwise.