The Swankiest of All Days...PROM!


Every girl waits for this day!

The day of Prom was like having a meltdown...I should have known to be better prepared. My dress was beautiful and fit like a glove, but the hair..OH LORDY MY HAIR. I went to a hair dresser and I wanted retro waves like this:

But the woman wasn't all that familiar with this style and by the end of the salon trip, it was an utter mess. My hair was poofy, frizzy, and looked like I just took it out of a braid. So after going home to Keira crying, I pulled myself together, did my makeup, then Keira's, and tried to fix the mess on my head. It still wasn't exactly what I wanted, but I just dealt with it and went forward because I was already late for group photos. 

In the end, it was fine, because when Shawn saw me, he was starstruck, and that's really all I was going for. He kept saying how gorgeous I was and I was loving it, haha. What girl doesn't want to hear that?

now usually, wearing WHITE to PROM is a big no-no, because it resembles a bride. No one wants to be that wanna-be bride and go to prom in a white gown, however, when I first tried the gown on, I fell in love and couldn't give it up. It must be a new "in", because the majority of the fashionistas who were at pro wore white. Who knew it would be so popular among the people who were so in tune with fashion?

Here are some pictures of other beautiful girls who wore white!