Makeup Monday: Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older



Lets face it, we all have small twerks on our faces that are already making us look older, whether it's pulling you eyes to apply makeup and leaving some fresh wrinkles, or creases under your eye or anywhere else when applying makeup. Well today, I'll give you a few pointers on how to avoid makeup mistakes that actually make you look older.

No Blush
  • When we age, our skin naturally become more flushed. LOOK ALIVE, GIRL! Put some blush on to make those rosy cheeks shine!
Cakey Foundation
  • Don't make it seem like your desperate to hide something. Don't put too much foundation on, let some natural beauty come out.
Too Much Under Eye Concealer
  • Sometimes those dark circles are inevitable, but by putting too much concealer on, you're actually drawing more attention to it...Opps!
Dark Lipstick
  • I am a lover of dark lipstick, but unfortunately as we age, our lips become thinner and less full. The darker colors don't help, because dark colors make our mouths look even smaller! Get some bright and lively colors on those lips!
Eyeliner ALL Around The Eye
  • Because you're drawing more attention to your eyes, you are also drawing more attention to your crow's feet! The sharp lines of eyeliner bring our the crows feet. Also, (and I admit that I am guilty of this...BUT) avoid thick eyeliner on the top, because it just makes your eyes look heavy and tired.
Mascara on Bottom Lashes
  • You're in the clear for this one, ladies, as long as your under 30. When young and practically wrinkle free, mascara on the bottom lashed can make your eyes look larger! But as you age, it just makes your eyes look tired and droopy :c
  • Personally...I don't think anyone should have them...Enough said.