Makeup Monday: Espresso in 5 Easy Steps

I used al natural eyeshadow colors for this look: browns, coppers, neutrals, mascara, and a little black eyeliner.

What I did:
  1. Apply a light natural shade of your skin color on the inner corner of the lid. 
  2. With the copper color and a thin eyeliner makeup brush, carefully apply to only he crease of the eyelid from the outer edge to 3/4ths of the eyelid.
  3. With a dark brown eyeshadow, gently brush the outer corner of the lid while occasionally brushing the color to half way of the lid for blending purposes.
  4. Take the thin eyeliner brush with the dark brown and sweep it under the eye, just over half way.
  5. With the eyeliner (preferably pencil) draw from the middle of the eyelid towards the outer edge, getting very slightly thicker. Also apply on waterline, but do only 1/3 of the waterline.

Hope you enjoy this coffee inspired look! Hahaha, I love neutrals!