Je veux habiter en France.


White "Shirt" (actually a dress) - Hand me down from my sister (OLD)
Floral Skirt - Hand me down from my sister
Belt - Thrifted

Shawn took these pictures of me this time! I never know what to do when I pose in front of the camera and Shawn is behind it, haha. I guess I just feel dumb standing there, but he likes doing it...I think. heheeh.
Blondi is the precious German Shepard in the last picture, and she is so adorable. It was difficult to get a decent picture without her in it! So we both posed together! I call it, "Shawn's Girls."
I'm enjoying the free time I have now before I start theatrical rehearsals. I'm also trying to post as much as I can because I know once rehearsals and my job picks up for the summer, it won't slow until the end of August... But maybe even later, because then classes start.. Oh boy. Busy life ahead of me. 
Thanks for being patient with me!